Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 SM-J320F Stock Firmware

This is the official Android 5.1.1 Lollipop firmware/ROM(Flash file) for the Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 SM-J320F.

The flash file for the Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 SM-J320F is necessary when you want to perform any of the following software-related tasks:

  • Upgrade/Update your Samsung Galaxy phone’s firmware.
  • Reinstall the stock ROM that was officially installed.
  • Unroot your Samsung Android device.
  • Fix software issues that cause your device OS(Operating System) and apps to hang or misbehave.
  • Fix unknown baseband error.
  • Fix Samsung devices that are in a boot loop like hanging on the Samsung logo or rebooting continually.
  • Use the firmware for Android development purposes.
  • Remove malware, virus, and spyware from your Samsung device and more.

To flash the firmware to your Samsung device, we made a comprehensive Samsung Android firmware flashing tutorial using Odin. You will need to read that post to be able to flash a firmware successfully to any Samsung Android device.

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 SM-J320F Stock ROM Firmware(Flash File)

Here are the links to the stock firmware/flash files for the Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 SM-J320F.

CountryCSC CodeBasebandAndroid VersionDownload Links
Zambia (MTN Zambia)MTZJ320FXXU0AQL25.1.1  LollipopDownload
United Arab EmiratesXSGJ320FXXU0AQH35.1.1  LollipopDownload
TurkeyTURJ320FXXU0AQB15.1.1  LollipopDownload
South Africa (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Virgin)XFEJ320FXXU0AQL25.1.1  LollipopDownload
South Africa (Vodacom, 8ta, MTN, Vodacom Lesotho, Cell C, Virgin)XFAJ320FXXU0AQL25.1.1  LollipopDownload
RussiaSERJ320FXXU0APB85.1.1  LollipopDownload
RussiaSERJ320FXXU0APD55.1.1  LollipopDownload
RussiaSERJ320FXXU0APD55.1.1  LollipopDownload
RussiaSERJ320FXXU0APG25.1.1  LollipopDownload
RussiaSERJ320FXXU0APJ15.1.1  LollipopDownload
RussiaSERJ320FXXU0AQA25.1.1  LollipopDownload
RussiaSERJ320FXXU0AQC35.1.1  LollipopDownload
RussiaSERJ320FXXU0AQE25.1.1  LollipopDownload
RussiaSERJ320FXXU0AQG25.1.1  LollipopDownload
RussiaSERJ320FXXU0AQI15.1.1  LollipopDownload
RussiaSERJ320FXXU0AQJ15.1.1  LollipopDownload
RussiaSERJ320FXXU0AQK25.1.1  LollipopDownload
PolandXEOJ320FXXU0AQL15.1.1  LollipopDownload
PakistanPAKJ320FXXU0AQH35.1.1  LollipopDownload
LibyaLYSJ320FXXU0AQB15.1.1  LollipopDownload
LibyaLYSJ320FXXU0APA85.1.1  LollipopDownload
LibyaBTCJ320FXXU0AQB15.1.1  LollipopDownload
IsraelILOJ320FXXU0AQL25.1.1  LollipopDownload
IraqMIDJ320FXXU0AQB15.1.1  LollipopDownload
AlgeriaWTLJ320FXXU0AQL25.1.1  LollipopDownload
GermanyDBTJ320FXXU0AQG25.1.1  LollipopDownload
IndiaINSJ320FDDU0AQJ25.1.1  LollipopDownload
IndiaINSJ320FDDU0AQI15.1.1  LollipopDownload

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