How and Where To Get Your Custom Made Phone Cases

The world of smartphones and tablets has become a vapid, expressionless environment where each phone or gadget is but a mimic of its predecessor. Truth be told, you can actually bring personality and uniqueness back to your favorite smartphone or gadget in a simple, inexpensive way by getting a custom case/cover.

With the increase in the number of mobile phones, especially flagship devices from strong footed manufacturers like Apple(iPhone), Samsung, Xiaomi or Redmi, Google(Pixel), and OnePlus, boring phone cases/covers are selling faster and in great numbers.

Yes, bland phone cases or covers are actually selling really fast as I speak.

But there’s something very interesting you could be missing.

Phone cases are produced in large quantities because cellphone users tend to change their phone cases once it starts looking old, boring, and outa fashion.

The weird thing about most of these very normal phone cases is the fact that multiple people could purchase the same case designs or prints and that’s what makes it bluntly expressionless.

If you’re like me who loves purchasing cool but not extremely popular smartphones, you’ll know where we are heading to.

Now the question is, can I get a personalized phone case/cover for my smartphone or gadget?

I know this is a question many people wouldn’t want to ask because they feel it’s expensive or very difficult to achieve.

Well, whether you have seen someone with a phone case that has some unique prints on it or you’re just curious, the truth is, you can get a cheap or let’s say affordable personalized phone case with your photo, a collage, your name or something out of nowhere printed on your smartphone.

So, the answer is yes, you can get a custom phone case for your smartphone like an iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi or Redmi, Google Pixel or OnePlus, but not for every phone out there like NOKLA, Sansung, Tashibo, or something from Mars that has an antenna and a touchscreen.

Finally, even though these custom phone cases might look cheap, you’re going to get nothing but the best quality custom phone cases to flaunt around, if you’re my type of person.

How & Where to Get Your Custom Made Phone Cases

When you’re done with this cute piece of information, you’ll get answers to all the questions related to custom/personalized phone cases or covers like:

  • Where to make your own custom personalized iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi or Redmi, Pixel, and OnePlus phone cases or designs
  • The best custom iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi or Redmi, Pixel, and OnePlus phone cases
  • How to print my personal photo or a personalized phone case collage on my phone’s cover

Unlike regular phone cases/covers makers, there are sites online that offer users/customers the opportunity to get a custom/personalized phone case with their photo printed on it or a collage or even a text like their name or something more personal.

Well, here are the best and most trusted places to get quality custom/personalized phone cases/covers for your Samsung Galaxy phones as well as other popular smartphones like Apple(iPhone), Samsung, Xiaomi or Redmi, Google(Pixel), and OnePlus.

If you own any flagship or recent device from these smartphone companies, you can get a solid custom case for your device, whether it’s for fashion, protection or something in between the two.


CASETIFY - Make your own custom personalized phone cases with photos or collages from personal photos, Instagram or Facebook pics
CASETIFY – Make your own custom personalized phone cases

When you think about personalised, sleek and stylish cases and covers for your iPhone 4/4S up to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, flagship Samsung devices like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and its predecessors, some LG, Sony, HTC and OnePlus devices, you should without doubt, give CASETiFY a headshot.

But what makes CASETiFY one of the best places online to get cheap personalized custom phone cases?

  • CASETiFY custom phone cases are available for Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy devices and other a few of other Android phones
  • Want more, CASETiFY also includes fresh and personalised custom looks for your Apple Watch, Macbooks, iPads, Airpods and other tech accessories.

Unlike your average phone cases,

  • CASETiFY cases have an ultra-slim design
  • Thoroughly drop tested
  • Made with qìtech™ shock-absorbing material
  • The antimicrobial coating eliminates 99% of bacteria
  • Wireless charging compatible, compatible with MagSafe charging
  • Made with 50% recycled materials plus 100% recyclable packaging printed with eco-friendly ink,
  • Flash absorbing camera bezel
  • Scratch-resistant finish and
  • 360 impact protection

To get your own photo printed mobile cover/case or a collage or just pick from their awesome collections and color choices, just visit the CASETiFY website and with just $35 dollars or more, you’ll get yourself a personalized phone case to show around.

CASETiFY allows you to bring your self-expression to reality by giving you a unique chance to create your own Samsung, or iPhone cover/cases as well as other popular smartphone brands.

CASETiFY Price – $35+ dollars


CASE COMPANY - Personalised custom smartphone cases covers
CASE COMPANY – Smartphone cases for everyone

Another cool website to get some really cool custom and special personalized cases for your smartphone and other gadgets is Case Company.

Yea, these guys are just doing nothing else but making cases everyday for everyone on earth except you!

Just like CASETiFY, CASECompany also gives you the sweet option to make your personalized custom phone case or cases if you’re getting for your loved ones.

What makes CaseCompany one of the best places online to get cheap personalized custom phone cases?

Unlike CASETiFY, Case Company designs custom cases or covers for different products ranging from smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Google, Honor, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Xiaomi, tablets, and other accessories.

You can create/design your own phone case and personalize it with enough text, case color, photo or collage, stickers/emojis, and more using a very user-friendly interface.

You can create a GIFCase™, which is a cute way of personalizing your pictures with animated stickers that move when your smartphone case moves. You can also upload two pictures and switch between images with a flick of the wrist. It’s as cool as it sounds.

You can put your monogram on your case. This actually takes the customization to another level of uniqueness without too many distractions. All you have to do is to choose your monogram letter, enter your name, and select one of 10 different design styles. That’s all and you’re set to get a custom case that has your name on it in a special way.

CASECompany Price: £18.70 – £23.39

GC – gocustomized


As the name implies, you can go here if you want to have a well-customized smartphone case for your Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, or other brands. gocustomized GC allows you to make your own design and have your custom phone case shipped to your address.

Like other custom phone case manufacturers, gocustomized gives you unique options to design your own phone cover with tools like adding filters, stickers, choose colors, case type(soft, tough, etc), add a photo or photo collage, add text, and even more.

GC – gocustomized Price: $29+


OJ Exclusive custom luxury phone case designs

If beautiful & protective phone cases designed by expert fashion editors can make you squeeze out some big dollars, then OJ Exclusive is the right place. Well, these guys aren’t Caviar but they have some similar attributes though.

OJ Exclusive is a place where you can get your own custom-designed phone case at a really high cost. Yes, it’s a place for luxury custom phone cases.

OJ Exclusive offers users of iPhones and Samsung the opportunity to design their own custom phone cases with 24K gold or platinum materials and other design options with an aesthetic that shows how valuable and expensive the phone case actually is.

You just have to check it out and you should just be ready for anything because at Oj Exclusive, the price is on request.

Finally, here’s the big thing, although it’s at the bottom because this post is not arranged in any specially way.


dbrand - Custom phone cases_skins

If you would ask me to pick one of these custom made cover guys, seriously, I’ll always pick dbrand. Yea, these guys will actually dbrand the skin on your phone or put a new ultra-precise and fitting cloth on your Samsung, iPhone, Google Pixel, OnePlus, Razer phone, and other ultra-cool gadgets like your Sony Playstation 5, Nintendo, Macbook, Airpods, Surface Pro, XPS and more.

You have the sweet option to choose from their awesome collection of the most precise fitting skins on earth for your phone, the world’s grippiest phone cases that look so stunning as well, and pastels or candy hues on an ultra-matte texture that are so pleasant to the eyes.

If you’re a techy individual like me and you love MKBHD the way I do, you’ll love his super dope ICONS skins collection. But, you might have missed the drop though, but just check it out.

After reading this post, you will be able to make your own custom sleek and stylish iPhone and Samsung phone cases or covers. All you have to do is to pick one of the websites listed above and you’re good to go.

Hope you find a well personalized and good looking case for your Samsung, iPhone or whatever device you’re using.

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