How to Flash Samsung Combination File/Firmware

This is a step by step tutorial on how to flash a Samsung Combination / ENG (Engineer) firmware or flash file.

If you would like to flash a stock firmware to your Samsung device, check this link.

Before flashing a Samsung combination file/firmware to your device, please, endeavor to read the following posts related to Eng flash files/combination ROMs.

If you are done, please follow the steps below to know how to install/flash a Samsung Combination file to your Samsung device.

How to Flash Samsung Combination File / Eng Firmware

Before you proceed, make sure you enable developer option and OEM unlock on your Samsung Galaxy phone. 

Unlocking your bootloader might make you lose your data. Make a backup.

This is a simple step by step tutorial on how to install or flash an Eng firmware / Combination file(firmware / ROM) to a Samsung device.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Install the latest Samsung USB Drivers

Before servicing Samsung phones via your Windows computer, you need to, first of all, install the latest Samsung USB Drivers for mobile phones.

Download Samsung Odin flashing software / Professional flash tool

Samsung Odin flashing tool is necessary to flash the combination file/firmware. You can also use other professional Samsung flashing tools like Z3X, Octoplus, CM2 Samsung, etc

Extract the Combination files to your PC using Winrar or 7zip

Download the Samsung combination file and extract the contents to your PC.

Put your Samsung device into Download / Odin Mode

You need to put your Samsung device in Download/Odin mode for Odin to detect it.To put or boot your Samsung device in Download/Odin mode, turn off your phone completely, press an hold the Power, Home, and Volume down buttons.Newer devices press the Volume Down + Bixby + Power) button together until you see the warning notification on your screen.Secondly, press the Volume up button to fully enter into Download/Odin mode.

Launch Odin Flash tool/Flashing software

Open Odin Flashtool as an admin or use your favorite Samsung Flashing software like Z3X, Octoplus, etc

Connect your  device to your computer

While your Samsung device is in Download / Odin mode, connect it to your PC via a USB cable.If the Samsung drivers were installed properly and your Samsung phone is connected, Odin will show a blue sign with a device added message in the logs.

Add the combination file/firmware in Odin

Click on AP or PDA on Odin and select the combination firmware or Eng S Boot file.Depending on the file size, it will take some time to load. Make sure re-partition is not selected/ticked in the

Click on the Start button to begin the flashing process

Click on the Start button on Odin or your preferred software to begin the flashing process.

Wait for the process to complete successfully

It will take a while depending on the file size. After the flashing is complete, your device will reboot automatically.You can now proceed with any other serving operation like Google Android FRP or Samsung Account removal.

FAQs on Flashing Samsung Eng/Combination firmware

My phone takes long to boot after flashing.

After flashing, allow your phone to stay for a little while for the system to stabilize. It might take a while, just let it be

I can’t find most features in my Samsung phone after installing the combination file

A Samsung combination file is different from a stock firmware and can’t be used as a daily driver unless you are a developer testing or working on the phone’s software.To get your phone back to the original state, please download and install the official stock firmware.

Can I flash Binary 3 to my deice that’s Binary 4?

No, it’s not compatible and can’t be flashed.

The combination file is lesser in file to the stock firmware, is it okay?

Yes, the combination file size is sometimes half the size of the official stock firmware. This is because the factory binary file has been stripped down to only have engineer functions and not to be used s a full ROM.

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19 thoughts on “How to Flash Samsung Combination File/Firmware”

  1. I can’t enable developer mode after flashing in factory binary. Another problem, why can’t my phone be charged after flashing in factory binary? Help me please. My phone samsung galaxy s7-edge sm-g935u. Thank you

  2. Can I change BL IMEI? i bought SM a505W from market place but after a month it was blacklisted. What can i do to it? thank you

  3. Actualice mi samsung s6 edge sm-g925i a android 7.0 y de ahi en adelante el celular tiene señal pero al llamar a cualquier numero me pone no registrado en la red, alguna solucion?

    • Sí, hay una solución. Es posible que su Samsung S6 Edge sm-g925i tenga un problema relacionado con la red. Pero primero, ¿actualizó manualmente el archivo de actualización de software 7.0 o fue una actualización OTA (Over The Air) que instaló a través de la pestaña de actualizaciones de software del teléfono?

  4. why wont my galaxy s8(SM-G950U) enter factory binary mode after flashing the ap firmwear,with odin so i can remove frp google and samsung? it just reverts back to the start up screen.

  5. Samsung A70 SM-A705FN/DS. I have replaced my motherboard due to water damage and now am getting a message that the fingerprint sensor needs calibrating. I understand I can ‘reset’ this by using some of the tools and tests on the combination firmware. When I try to apply the firmware I get a ‘Failed (Auth)’ error in Odin and on the phone it states “Please get the approval to use factory binaries (pit)’ I have enabled debugging mode and OEM unlock prior to connecting to Odin. Can you help?

  6. Yes i have applied the 4 file repair firmware – it resulted in exactly the same issue. I have repeated the steps with the stock firmware and, again, same result – however i used the latest Android 10 binaries, I will try with the Android 9 and see if that makes any difference. Are there PIT files available somewhere to enable me to apply the combination firmware?

  7. I have downoaded a zip file but in it are just 2 .xlsx., 1 and a folder that contains files but I cant find the combination file inside the zip. please advise me on what to do that i may use the combination file to flash using odin.


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