How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Phones

This is a detailed and updated information about entering download mode/Odin mode on Samsung Galaxy devices.

Firstly, what’s Download mode for Samsung devices and its uses?

Download mode or Odin mode is for Samsung phone users only. It’s also known as god mode. Odin mode or download mode is a professional mode for flashing/servicing Samsung devices.

With the help of Odin mode, users become gods of their phones. You can easily unlock your bootloader, flash stock and custom files into their devices via a USB cable connected to a computer.

So, if your device is having software issues or needs servicing, you can access the door to your Samsung phone via the Odin/Download mode.

Now that you know what Odin/Download mode for Samsung means, let’s proceed.

How to Enter Odin/Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy devices

To enter Download mode on all Samsung devices, Samsung has made it quite easy on both old and new devices.

Before you proceed, make sure you enable developer option and OEM unlock on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Unlocking your bootloader might make you lose your data. Make a backup.

This is a step by step guide on how to enter Download/Odin mode on Samsung devices. To enter Odin mode on older Samsung devices(without Bixby button), here’s what to do.

  • Turn off your Samsung phone completely
  • Press and hold the following buttons together: Power key, Volume down and Home button.
  • Once you see the Samsung logo on your screen, release the Power button but keep holding the Volume down and Home button until you see a notification on your screen warning you about using download mode.
How to enter download mode on Samsung galaxy devices - Download mode warning screen on Samsung
  • Press the Volume Up key to proceed into Odin/Download mode on your Samsung device.

That’s all you need to do to boot into download mode on your old Samsung Galaxy device.

Alternatively, you can enter download mode by just pressing Volume down + Home button/Bixby button and then connect a USB cable from your computer.

Let’s see the steps on newer Samsung devices.

How to enter Download/Odin mode on newer Samsung Galaxy devices.

To enter download mode on newer Samsung Galaxy devices that don’t have the Home button and also have the Bixby key/AI voice asssistant, below are the steps to follow.

Before you proceed, make sure you enable developer option and OEM unlock on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Unlocking your bootloader might make you lose your data. Make a backup.

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy phone completely
  • Press and hold the following buttons: Power button, Volume Down and Bixby button
  • Immediately the device shows the download mode screen, quickly release the buttons(Power, Bixby key and Volume down)
  • You will see a warning about installing custom OS to your device.
  • Press the Volume Up button to continue into the Download mode.

Once in download mode, you will see your device model details and other security information.

Here’re important some FAQs related to Samsung Download modes. Please ask any question if you feel it’s not included.

How do I boot out of Download mode?

If your Samsung phone is stuck in Download/Odin mode and shows “Downloading, do not turn off target”, here’s how to boot your phone normally.1. Force restart your Samsung phone by pressing Volume Down + Power button for about 15 seconds or until your device restarts.2. If your device has a removable battery, remove it and reinsert it back before turning the device on.3. In severe cases, you might need to reinstall your phone’s firmware.

How to boot into Samsung Download/Odin mode without volume or home buttons?

If your Samsung device has a bad home button and volume down button, you can still enter Download mode using by following this steps.1. Enter download mode on your Samsung device without buttons(Volume and home button) using a simple PC software called Samsung 300K Tool Mirror2. Use professional software like EFT Tool/Dongle, Miracle Box, NCK Box etc

How to fix Samsung device showing firmware update failed?

If you see an error on your screen like, failed to update firmware, an error has occurred while updating the device software, you can fix it using any of the following.1. Reinstall your device firmware to fix the software update error.2. Install Samsung Kies/Smart switch and connect your device to your PC to download and install its firmware3. Use this trick to fix Samsung software update error/failed without flashing.

Can I brick my phone in Odin mode?

Yes, you can brick your Samsung phone via Odin mode if you flash incompatible custom OS.

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