Official TWRP Custom Recovery for Samsung Phones

This is a page where you can download the official TWRP custom recovery files for your compatible Samsung Galaxy device.

TWRP is one of the most popular custom recoveries that’s very popular and officially available/supported on several Android smartphones.

Before you proceed with downloading the TWRP recovery for your Samsung device, please read the instructions on how to download and flash TWRP recovery to your Samsung Galaxy Android phone.

How to Download your compatible Samsung Official TWRP custom recovery

Most times, because of the different variants of a particular Samsung phone, one might mistake a particular file for another device.To help you know and download the correct TWRP recovery for your Samsung, here’s a step by step guide on how to download your Samsung Galaxy custom recovery file.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Know your device Model number and Device codename

Before downloading a TWRP custom recovery for your Samsung Galaxy device, you should, first of all, know the Model of your device and the device CodenameE.g Model – Samsung Galaxy S10 Codename beyond1lteTo know your Samsung device codename, you should boot it into recovery mode.This is to avoid downloading or flashing the wrong file.

Download the TWRP for your Samsung device

Click on the link below that corresponds to your exact Samsung Galaxy device.

Select a Download mirror

Read the instructions on the page, then scroll down to the Download Links: area and select any of the download mirrors.

Download your Samsung TWRP file

You can then click on the link to download the latest version(recommended) of your twrp recovery file for your Samsung Galaxy device. You have either .tar( flash via Odin/Download mode) or .img(flash via Fastboot/Bootloader mode).

Flash your Samsung TWRP recovery file

Based on the file you download, you can follow the instructions on this link to learn how to flash the TWRP recovery file to your Samsung device.

Below are the download links to the official TWRP recovery files for all Samsung devices.

There’s also a FAQ’s section after the post that you really should read.

Samsung A300H (a33g)
Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro (C900F/Y) (c9lte)
Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro (China) (c9ltechn)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530T/T1/W) (gprimelte)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530P) (gprimeltespr)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-S920L) (gprimeltetfnvzw)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530FZ) (gprimeltexx)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530MU) (gprimeltezt)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime VE 3G (grandprimeve3g)
Samsung Galaxy Tab E (SM-T560NU) (gtelwifiue)
Samsung Galaxy Tab E (SM-T377P) (gtesqltespr)
Samsung Galaxy J5 3G (SM-J500H) (j53gxx)
Samsung Galaxy J5 LTE (SM-J500F/G/M/NO/Y) (j5lte)
Samsung Galaxy J5 LTE (SM-J5008) (j5ltechn)
Samsung Galaxy J5N LTE (SM-J500FN) (j5nlte)
Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro (SM-G600FY) (o7prolte)
Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate (fascinatemtd)
Samsung Epic 4g (epicmtd)
Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 (Exynos) (a3xelte)
Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 (a3y17lte)
Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 (Exynos) (a5xelte)
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (a5y17lte)
Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 (Exynos) (a7xelte)
Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 (a7y17lte)
Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 (jackpotlte)
Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018 (jackpot2lte)
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (loganreltexx)
Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 (SM-G316HU) (vivalto5mve3g)
Samsung Galaxy Alpha (slte)
Samsung Galaxy Core 2 SM-G355HN (kanas3gnfc)
Samsung Galaxy Core Plus (cs02)
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime 3G SM-G360H (core33g)
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Qualcomm (coreprimelte)
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Qualcomm CDMA (cprimeltemtr)
Samsung Galaxy Express (expressltexx)
Samsung Galaxy Express 2 (wilcoxltexx)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos (i9082)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (fortuna3g)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime VE (grandprimevelte)
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace (SM-J110) (j1acelte)
Samsung Galaxy J2 (SM-J200) (j2lte)
Samsung Galaxy J2 2018 SM-J250G (j2y18lte)
Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Qualcomm (SM-J320YZ) (j3lte)
Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime (on5xelte)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2015 Qualcomm Sprint) (j7ltespr)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016 Exynos) (j7xelte)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017 Qualcomm Sprint) (j7popltespr)
Samsung Galaxy J7 Exynos SM-J700 (j7elte)
Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 (crater)
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 (melius)
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM) (maguro)
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Sprint) (toroplus)
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) (toro)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (p4noterf)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) Exynos Wi-Fi (lt03wifiue)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) Qualcomm LTE (lt03ltexx)
Samsung Galaxy Note 1 AT&T (quincyatt)
Samsung Galaxy Note 1 T-Mobile (quincytmo)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 AT&T (t0lteatt)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Canada (t0ltecan)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 (t03g)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7105 (t0lte)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sprint (l900)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE Korea (t0ltektt)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE SK Telecom (t0lteskt)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 T-Mobile (t0ltetmo)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Verizon (t0ltevzw)
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 International Exynos (ha3g)
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo (hlltexx)
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo N750 (hl3g)
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Americas, China, Europe & Korea) (hlte)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge (Canada) (tbltecan)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge (International) (tblte)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge (Korea) (tbltedt)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge (Sprint) (tbltespr)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge (T-Mobile) (tbltetmo)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge (US Celluar) (tblteusc)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge (Verizon) (tbltevzw)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Exynos 3g (tre3gxx)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Exynos LTE (treltexx) (treltexx)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Qualcomm) (trlte)
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (noblelte)
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (China Qualcomm) (graceqltechn)
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Exynos) (gracelte)
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Exynos) (greatlte)
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (n5100)
Samsung Galaxy Note 1 N7000 (n7000)
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Exynos 3G (v1a3gxx)
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Wi-Fi (v1awifi)
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Qualcomm LTE SM-P905 (viennaltexx)
Samsung Galaxy On5 (T-Mobile/MetroPCS) (on5ltetmo)
Samsung Galaxy Prevail (prevail2spr)
Samsung Galaxy Reverb (iconvmu)
Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro SGH-i547 (comanche)
Samsung Galaxy S10 (Exynos) (beyond1lte)
Samsung Galaxy S10e (Exynos) (beyond0lte)
Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Exynos) (beyond2lte)
Samsung Galaxy S2 Exhilarate SGH-i577 (exhilarate)
Samsung Galaxy S2 Hercules T-Mobile SGH-t989 (hercules)
Samsung Galaxy S II (International) (i9100)
Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus (s2ve)
Samsung Galaxy S2 AT&T Skyrocket SGH-i727 (skyrocket)
Samsung Galaxy S3 AT&T (d2att)
Samsung Galaxy S3 Canada (d2can)
Samsung Galaxy S3 Cricket (d2cri)
Samsung Galaxy S3 International Exynos (i9300)
Samsung Galaxy S III (International LTE) (i9305)
Samsung Galaxy S3 Metro PCS (d2mtr)
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (golden)
Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo i9301i (s3ve3g)
Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint (d2spr)
Samsung Galaxy S3 T-Mobile (d2tmo)
Samsung Galaxy S3 US Cellular (d2usc)
Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon (d2vzw)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelte)
Samsung Galaxy S4 C-Spire (jfltespi)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition (jgedlte)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Exynos (ja3g) (i9500)
Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (jflte)
Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced i9506 (ks01lte)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (International 3G) (serrano3gxx)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 64 bit ONLY (serranoveltexx)

Below are FAQ’s on TWRP recovery that you may be interested in.

What is TWRP recovery?

TWRP stands for TeamWin Recovery Project. It’s an open-source custom recovery image for Android-based devices that provides a GUI/touchscreen-enabled interface that allows users to perform functions often unsupported by the stock Android recovery.

Is TWRP same for all devices?

No, it’s not. TWRP is different for each device and can’t be compatible. Although similar devices with same specs and CPU can have a TWRP ported from one to the other without much issues.

Is TWRP an Open Source project?

Yes, TWRP is an open-source, community project. They also have a large support community with many people who are willing to answer questions and help people with their devices either through our IRC channel or on forums like xda-developers.

Is TWRP safe?

Yes, TWRP is safe. TWRP offers advanced recovery functionalities that can cause issues if used incorrectly or without knowledge. Since it’s an advanced custom recovery, proper care should be taken to avoid temporally bricking or damaging your phone. Features like Format, Partition and inbuilt rooting are to be used carefully

Is TWRP a root?

No, TWRP isn’t a root. You can use TWRP recovery to root your device by flashing Magisk or SuperSU zip files.

Is TWRP a bootloader?

No, TWRP is not a bootloader. A bootloader/Fastboot mode is a mode on Android devices that allows a user to perform advanced functions like debugging, modify system images, give commands etc via a USB connection to a computer.

This is how far we can go for now. If you have any issues, I will be happy to assist if you leave a comment. Thank you.

19 thoughts on “Official TWRP Custom Recovery for Samsung Phones”

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for most interesting information.
    I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 SM-G1600 that went Chinese after doing a Samsung Smart Switch asisted firmware update. I looked through the list of links above but did not spot the SM-G1600. Does that mean that TWRP does not exist for that device? Also, is there a European custom ROM that is safe and working with Google Services?
    Thank you and best regards,

    • Thanks for your feedback. Do you want to install TWRP on your device, install a ROM with Google Play Store and services or you just want to have root access on it? This is just to understand your question better.

  2. Thank you for your quick reply.
    First I have to admit that I am not really qualified to be on the forum as my knowledge is very limited about the issues discussed and most likely will be unable to contribute with valuable help. But as Samsung refuse to help me, in spite that the local support advised me to use the Smart Switch to resolve an update problem which in fact caused the “damage”, I have to seek help elsewhere. I am happy to have found this forum.
    A short back ground summary: I bought the phone on eBay as I was looking for a folder type and this device was not for sale on the European market. It was working fine from the beginning but the Smart Switch changed it to a Chinese version, Google Play disappeared and so did the extensive European language pack. Most likely the device was flashed to a European version by the seller. The box was, however, sealed with Samsung seals…
    So to answer your question; what do I want? I would like to reconvert the device to a smart phone with Google Play Services and European languages (now the phone is dumb and I can only use it for calls and sms in English). I hope the forum can help me to achieve that. Root access would be a nice tool to have, but I have to keep in mind my own limitations and not play with toys I cannot control as it can easily lead to a bricked device… I will for sure need to learn a lot more about all this on the forum by discussing with you experts, before I feel ready to do the job.

  3. Hi again,

    While I am waiting for your feed-back, I would like to fully understand the following:
    TWRP: Does this mean device recovery to factory standards, in this case a Chinese device?
    Root: What does this mean? An open door to new non standard S/W, F/W?

    • TWRP is a custom recovery which is also known as TeamWin Recovery Project. It’s a custom made recovery that has more features than the standard stock recovery on most Android devices. You can flash zip files or custom ROMs via TWRP, backup your current firmware and restore, access your files and more. This is not available on regular Android stock recovery.

      Rooting is your Android device gives you admin rights or privileges to make advanced changes to your device. After rooting your device, you can use root-only apps, tweak your device anyhow you wish and get more features working.

      I will get back to you on your previous issue.

  4. Hi again and thank you very much for your response and the time you spend on my case.
    I am sorry for asking silly questions, but will all current Chinese S/W be wiped away to be replaced by a custom ROM as part of the TWRP process? I am quite happy to lose all Chinese and get a version compatible with the western world. And based on what you explained, I am wondering if I really need to root the device, unless it is a precondition for the TWRP?
    Meanwhile, I have repeatedly tried to install Google Chrome and Firefox browsers through Opera, which I could download with Samsung Internet app and use as a web reader. Searching Google Play it comes up, but it can’t be installed as an app. I can select apps for download, but that does not happen. I can access GP with Opera and find apps for download. When I do that it says “installed” and “this app is compatible with your device” and others say “incompatible”. But no apps are installed and they do not show up in the apps list. When I click on “compatible device” it shows my little Asus tablet, not my Samsung phone. My Google account shows I am logged in correctly but I can’t register the phone as an Android device. It is a total mystery to me…
    What would happen if I do a factory reset? Is it likely to go back to the initial flashed European/US version, or is it more likely to just factory reset to the original Chinese version, which was the case after using the Samsung Smart Switch (recommended by the local Samsung support team to resolve an update issue)? I am afraid to test this option as the device might go back to Chinese again and that I will be unable to navigate back to the language settings as I don’t understand one single Chinese character. That would totally corrupt the device…
    I don’t know if the above is useful information, but in case it might give you any valuable pieces to the puzzle I thought I should let you know what in fact is happening in different situations.

    • Hello. Sorry for responding now. It’ has been a little busy here coupled with the recent global pandemic. Hope you’re doing great and also safe.

      1. Rooting your device is needed if you want to use root only features or apps.
      2. If you install TWRP recovery, it won’t change your current OS unless you install a custom ROM or firmware using TWRP.
      3. If installing apps is an issue, I would suggest you use third-party websites that host apk files of millions of Android apps like, etc, download the apk to your device directly via a browser or your PC and then copy it to your device to install it.
      4. Normally, resetting the device will return it to the initial factory state with all your data and settings cleared to defaults. If the original language was in Chinese, it will revert back to it and then you can find your way in to change the language settings.


  5. Hi! Thanks for the information here!
    I’m looking for TWRP for a Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus GT-I9060M, but I can not find it. May you give me some help please!

  6. Hi I have read ur information here.
    I was looking for twrp for Samsung j7 plus sm-c710f jadelte but isn’t listed in here, may you give me hand pls. I would like to install custom recovery then installing custom ROM on my device


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