How To Change CSC Of Samsung Phones Without Rooting

If you are wondering how to change the CSC of your SAMSUNG Android phone without rooting, you shouldn’t skip this post.

Apart from how to change the CSC on your Samsung phone, you will also find some useful info related to CSC and changing the CSC on your Samsung Android phone.

Before we begin, let’s make some things related to changing CSC on Samsung Android phones clear.

What does CSC in Samsung phones mean?

You might have wondered, what is the meaning of CSC and what do you need to know about Samsung CSC codes.

CSC is an abbreviation that stands for “Consumer Software Customization” or “Country Specific Code“. These two meanings, Country Specific Code & Consumer Software Customization are where the function of the CSC in Samsung phones lies.

Furthermore, CSC is a component of SAMSUNG firmware binaries and it holds very important info for the device like:

  • Localizations and geo-specific info such as the system language, APN settings, and carrier-branding
  • Customized settings
  • System configurations

Here’s the thing, the same Samsung phone model in a country or region might have different CSCs depending on the fact whether the Samsung device is carrier-branded, unlocked, or locked.

To make this clearer, let’s see an example with a Samsung Galaxy device owned by a user in the United States. If you live in the United States and own a Samsung Galaxy phone, the CSC or product code of your device may be one of the following:

  • ATT – AT&T – This is a carrier-branded CSC code
  • CCT – Comcast – This is a carrier-branded CSC code
  • LRA – Bluegrass Cellular – This is a carrier-branded CSC code
  • SPR – Sprint (CDMA) – This is a carrier-branded CSC code
  • TFN – Tracfone – This is a carrier-branded CSC code
  • XAA – USA – This is (unbranded/unlocked/default) CSC code
  • XAS – USA – This is (unbranded/unlocked) CSC code
  • TMB – T-Mobile –This is a carrier-branded CSC code
  • USC – US Cellular –This is a carrier-branded CSC code
  • VMU – Virgin Mobile USA –This is a carrier-branded CSC code
  • VZW – Verizon – This is a carrier-branded CSC code
  • ACG – Nextech/C Spire – This is a carrier-branded CSC code

One very important area where CSC comes to play is for official software updates.

Samsung servers check on the CSC code of your Samsung device and match it with the geo-location where it’s being used. If the CSC code matches, OTA updates to your device will be shown if it’s available for your region.

Let’s say, the CSC code of your Samsung device is INS (India) and you take it to the United Kingdom or Germany and use it there, you may not receive the official software updates from Samsung.

Again, the CSC of a Samsung Galaxy phone firmware contains the code-name of the country/region for which it is built.

You can change your Samsung Galaxy phone’s CSC so Samsung servers would think your device is from a different country or region to receive official updates.

Similarly, if you flash the firmware meant for some other country on your device, you’ll not get any future updates unless you install the proper firmware.

How to Check or Find CSC on a Samsung Galaxy Phone

If you have a Samsung galaxy phone and would like to change the CSC of your device, first of all, you should know which CSC your device is fixed to.

Once you know the CSC on your Samsung phone, you will find it easy changing the CSC of your Samsung phone.

So, here’s how to know find/check the CSC of your Samsung GALAXY phone.

You can find/check the CSC of your Samsung phone by dialing *#1234# on your phone’s dialer app. As soon as you type the last # symbol, you’ll see a screen like in the second image below. Under CSC, the first 3 alphabets after your device model is the CSC code for your Samsung device.

In our case G950F OXM 9DTE1, OXM is the CSC.

  • Open your app drawer or view all installed apps
  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on About Phone
  • Tap on Software information.
  • Scroll down to Service provider SW ver. The info in Service provider SW ver shows the region code or CSC of your Samsung phone. In the image below, it is OXM, it’s a Multi-CSC or Omni CSC with a total of 86 different CSCs to choose from. The INS refers to the region, India (country).
  • If your device is a carrier variant, you will also see the carrier’s code there.

Since I flashed the OXM (Multi-CSC) firmware and switched to INS (India) CSC, it shows me both the CSCs. In the 3rd line, you can see the activated CSC, which is INS. This simply means that I’ll keep getting official OTA updates.

How to change CSC on Samsung Galaxy phones

Now, let’s come to the 3rd line in the above image: (1)INS/(2)INS, INS/(3)INS and explain what it means.

  • The first CSC value, that is INS, shows the active CSC. This determines the access to services and software updates. You will receive updates on this channel. This is also the country used for Samsung’s Beta programs in case you want to join one.
  • The second value “INS,INS” shows that my Galaxy S9 is a dual-SIM variant. If you don’t use the second SIM slot, the second value replicates the first one. This value only shows what SIM you have inside, and doesn’t affect any aspect of the experience.
  • The 3rd CSC value, that is INS again, shows the country code for which the Samsung device has been manufactured and configured. This one cannot be changed and it doesn’t need to. In case you get the phone from a carrier, this value will have the locked CSC code. In case the other values don’t match, your carrier can refuse warranty service (since warranty goes through the carrier in case you’re on a contract)

Note: If you have flashed a Multi-CSC firmware, your device will automatically switch itself to the Country Specific Code based on your network provider on the first boot.

How To Change CSC on Samsung Android Phones Without Rooting

If everything above is well understood, let’s dive into the matter of the day.

How To Change CSC on Samsung Android Phones Without Rooting

The idea of changing the CSC of your Samsung Galaxy phone is mostly because of software/OTA updates. With this possibility of changing your Samsung phone’s CSC, you can comfortably install firmware from a different region and change the CSC of your phone to suit your needs.

NOTE: Changing the CSC of your Samsung phone will factory reset your phone. All data present on the internal storage will be wiped. Take some time to backup your data before you proceed with changing the CSC of your Samsung phone.

You can as well remove your SIM card from the device before proceeding.

Method 1: Change Samsung CSC

  • Open your phone’s dialer and type the following code including your device’s IMEI number. *#272*IMEI number(replace the blue text with your device’s IMEI number).
  • You can find your phone’s IMEI number on the box your device came with, or get the IMEI number under Settings> About phone or dial *#06#.
  • Having dialed *#272*IMEI number#, you’ll see a screen with the list of available CSC codes for your Samsung device.
  • Select the CSC that you want to switch to and tap the Install option.
  • Your phone will reboot automatically.
  • You’ve successfully changed the CSC on your Samsung Galaxy device.

Method 2: Change Samsung CSC

You can use this method to change the CSC on your Samsung galaxy phone whether on Android 8 Oreo, 9 Pie or 10.0 Q.

How To Change CSC on Samsung Android Phones Without Rooting

Total Time: 30 minutes

Flash the stock firmware

Disable your PC Antivirus

To avoid conflict with the app, disable your PC antivirus.

Download and install Samsung CSC Change Tool

After turning off your antivirus, download the Change CSC Samsung Free tool and install it on your PC. Then open the app as administrator.How to change CSC of Samsung Galaxy phones on Android 8 9 10 - ChangeCSC Samsung Free Tool

Enable Developer options and turn on USB Debugging your Samsung device

You’ll need to enable developer options and turn on USB Debugging so as to connect your Samsung device properly to the PC via ADB.

To enable developer options and turn on USB Debugging on your Samsung device,
Go to Settings
Select About phone
Tap on Build number 7 times to enable Developer options. You’ll see a little pop-up telling you developer options have been enabled.
Go back to the Settings menu and click on Developer options, then scroll down and enable USB debugging.

That’s all. You can now connect your Samsung phone to the PC.

Click on Check to see if your device is connected

Click on Check on the ChangeCSC Samsung Free Tool. If your device is set up properly, you will see an OK on your screen.How To Change CSC on Samsung Android Phones Without Rooting on Android 8.0 Oreo, 9 Pie, 10 Q

Click on Connect

Once you click on connect, the ChangeCSC Samsung Free Tool will read your device’s information like Android version, Serial Number, Root state, CPU, Baseband version, SIM state, etc, and display it on the screen. How to change CSC of Samsung Galaxy phones on Android 8 9 10 - ChangeCSC Samsung Free Tool

Select your Samsung phone’s Android version

Choose your device’s Android version from the options(Android 8, 9 and 10) on the left of the tool window. How To Change CSC on Samsung Phones

Click on Connect

Once you click on connect, the necessary data required for the CSC change will be pushed to your device.
The next steps will be on your device.How To Change CSC on Samsung Phones

Go to Samsung Themes/Galaxy Themes

On your Samsung phone, go to Samsung Themes/Galaxy Themes and tap on the Change CSC theme, under my themes. Then select Try it out and finally select Apply Theme.

After some seconds, the Change CSC theme will be applied.

Install/change to your desired CSC

The last step is where you can successfully change your SAMSUNG CSC code.

Click on Settings
Tap on About phone
Select Legal Information
Under legal information, select Change Carrier Android 8, 9, or 10 depending on your Android version.
In the list of CSC codes available, tap on the one you wish to use and click Install
Select Sales&Network Code Change and tap OK
Your phone will now reboot automatically

Remove the Change CSC theme

After your phone reboots and you confirm the CSC change was successful, you can now connect your phone back to your PC if it’s not.
On the Change CSC SAMSUNG Free Tool, click on Check to know if your device is still connected, then click on Remove Change CSC
Wait for the process to fininsh and it will take you to the Themes app.
Click on your Default theme and apply it.

That’s all. Yopu have successfully changes the CSC on your Samsung phone without rooting it.

If you have any issues in the steps outlined above, kindly leave a comment. Also, do let us know how it went.

Here’s a video of the entire process of changing Samsung phone CSC using the tool above.

YouTube video

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  1. I have the same problem. After applying the theme, the options for changing the CSC do not appear. My samsung is an A51 with Android security patch level on October 1, 2020. Thanks!

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