About Us

Hi friend. I’m Philip and I’m the owner of this cute blog. I’m a blogger, a shy Samsung fan and a general tech geek.

I always try to publish updated and informative resources for fixing software-related issues on all Samsung phones for free.

Yes, it’s my passion and I do it every day with joy.

Here’s something important you need to know so you won’t call me Philip instead of Chris.

My blog(samsungflashfiles.net) is not affiliated to/with SAMSUNG, its product or services or any other entity using Samsung in any way.

samsungflashfiles.net is just a simple blog that provides educational information and resources to help you solve common issues on your Samsung phone.

This information/resources include stock firmware, recovery files, combination files, repair files and more for Samsung Android devices.

Still, want more information about us? You can read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy for more information or contact us here.